Lyrids fire rated board
Fire rated partition system, Upgrading on wall system & Hoarding system.
Lyrids fire rated board
Suspended ceiling system, Single layer ceiling system, Enclosures for E & M service.
Lyrids fibre cement board
Partition system & Ceiling system.

Golden Lyrids Construction Materials Ltd is a professional fire protection consultant company in Hong Kong. Our company's mission is always providing a safety, reliability and good quality of fire protection products to customers. Furthermore, we are appointed as an agency in Hong Kong for selling Lyrids fire protection board which has been passed the international safety standards such as ISO9001:2000 International Standard, British Standard BS476:part 4:1970 & BS476:part 22:1987 and China GB Standard GB/T9978 & GB 8624:Grade A. The fire-rated will up to 260 minutes and the insulation can reach to 240 minutes .

Other than selling in Hong Kong market, Lyrids fire protection board was also exported to the oversea market like Taiwan, East Asia, Europe and North American.


Lyrids is the Fire Protection Board achieving a fire-rated up to 4 hours (260 mins).Lyrids fire protection board is fire-resistant, moisture-resistant,sound reduction, water-resistant,mould-resistant, termite-repellent, corrosion-resistant, completely free of asbestos and non-toxic.

Lyrids fire protection board is designed to protest the building structure and can restrict fires within designed compartments. It can minimize the severity and protect the adjacent properties and occupants. Thus, Lyrids is the best choice for fire-rated protection board.

  Lyrids fire protection board has passed the following International Safety Standards:
  British Standards BS476: Part 22: 1987
  Non-combustibility Test BS476: Part 4: 1970
  Hard Body Impact Test BS 5669 :Part 1
  Absorption Water Test BS EN1170-6:1998
  Asbestos free GT-023 & GT-028
  ISO9001:2000 International Standard

Lyrids fire protection board is indispensable in large scale construction such as factory, office, hotel, restaurant and public area.

Lyrids fire protection board can also be utilized for fire-rated timber door, fire-rated iron gate, fire-rated steel door, fire-rated glazing door and fire shutter

  Lyrids fire protection board is versatile and easy to use as it can be stapled, drilled, sawn, screwed, painted, wallpapered, fabrication with veneer and tiling.  
 Composition   Magnesium Oxide Fiberboard
 Standard size   1220mm x 2440mm
  915mm x 1830mm
 Density   900-1000Kg/m3 (+/-10%)
 Weight(1220mmx2440mm)   17Kg - 6mm
  26Kg - 9mm
  35Kg - 12mm
  50Kg - 20mm
 Moisture movement(ambient to saturated)   0.05%
 Moisture content   7%
 Fire rating to BS476 Part 22 and GB/T9978)   260 / 240 mins
 Non-combustible test according to BS476 Part 4 & GB8624: Grade A   Pass
 Hard body impact test according to BS5669 Part 1   Pass
 Asbestos content   0.00%
 Thermal conductivity   0.13W/mK
 Thermal movement   9 x10-6m-6/mk
 Surface Alkalinity   9-10PH
 Flexural strength (along grain)   7.0Mpa
 Flexural strength (across grain)   10.0Mpa
 Minimum bending radius   4800mm for 6mm
  7200mm for 9mm
  9800mm for 12mm
 Sound reduction   38dB for 9mm board